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Driven by her passion for the arts and advocacy for human rights and the environment, Meares immerses herself in projects that draw on her experience as a journalist, editor, financial planner, instructor, gallerist, and guest curator. Under her imprint, Art of Discovery Press, she published Weaving the Scarlet Macaw, Hosig Di Rainforest Baskets of Panama, the first tribally authorized book on the Wounaan art form, teaming with her partner, award-winning photographer Lorran Meares. The author of Fire of a Thousand Suns, she is a ghostwriter, collaborative writer, and editor across book genres. Meares earned her Certificate in Professional Editing Sequence from the University of California, Berkeley, and is a member of the Association of Ghostwriters. She deftly organizes copious material, cuts to the chase to illuminate core ideas, and presents them as fresh and highly readable copy. She listens for and is sensitive to an author’s voice and style and skillfully amplifies and empowers that voice to deliver compelling messages of value to readers. She tackles challenges with esprit and enjoys forays into the forest of storytelling as much as her clients.

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