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January 2, 2023

January 1, 2023

The phrase “show me the money,” popularized since the 1996 Jerry Maguire movie with Tom Cruise, was the inspiration for the title of a talk that I gave in 2002 (yes, a long time ago) to a professional group. I reprise it because of its relevance, even now with dated statistics.

At the time, I was a financial planner for American Express Financial Advisors and taught classes on personal investing. I spent many rewarding hours working on a client’s financial plan and asset allocation, researching investments to help make a portfolio as bullet-proof as possible, then writing the narrative—the story the pages of numbers told without the aid of crystal ball.

On this occasion as guest speaker, I focused on evolving (and cultural) perspectives about financial security and wealth, touching on the psychology of money. For my opener, I showed a variety of African metal and other objects that had—not so terribly long ago—been recognized as currency. Here’s the rest of the talk.

Show Me the Money!

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