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At age eight, I found my calling when a teacher said I was a born writer, then temporarily misplaced it during motherhood. As a journalist, I reported facts vs. fake news. At thirty-eight, I shredded the dystopian novel I wrote when I was a wide-eyed young dreamer. After stints in hospital and arts marketing, financial planning, and teaching, I rediscovered my gusto ghostwriting for the time-deprived and collaborating with authors whose flow had hit a log jam. My addiction to words that inspire, empower, enlighten, and entertain is eclipsed only by my passion for precipitous canyons and the magic of tide pools. Sometimes, I go by my nom de plume, Lisette Moss. I blossom in the desert Southwest, especially during monsoon, with my long-time photographer partner and our two agile Aussies.

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